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Creating Flexible & Timeless Interiors

Lately, I've had clients ask me about a design "rule" they've heard and wanted to know my opinion as to whether or not it rang true.  The rule that "you have to redecorate every 7 years" is one that I think is outdated and should not apply to a well designed room.  Not only is it not friendly on the wallet, but it implies that a room remains stagnant for those 7 years and who wouldn't get bored in that time frame?!

My answer to clients is this - we are designing with flexibility and timelessness in mind.  Why not create a space that can shift with your lifestyle, mood or the seasons?  Not only does this allow you to follow trends that speak to you, but it creates an evolving space that is unique and adaptable.  

So how do we accomplish this?  It starts with using classic elements to create a backdrop that will withstand and complement current trends and multiple design styles.  




The simplistic, clean-lined architecture of this space creates an environment that supports multiple design styles - the exposed trusses and vaulted ceilings call to farmhouse feel, yet the white paint, trim and light fixtures mix in a modern element.  Neutral white cabinets with a warm wood detail on the hood reinforce this juxtaposition.  With this backdrop - rustic, farmhouse style furniture would fit in as easily as minimalistic modern.  

Here the design creates a welcoming, cozy feel by combining a sofa and rug with a traditional, feminine style with more rustic and masculine tables and leather chairs.  The best part?  Items like pillows, throw blankets, artwork and table top accessories are the easiest items to change out and store when transitioning into a new look or season.  


To take it a step further, switching out items like side tables, table lamps and chair cushions are also easy adjustments to freshen up the look.  


Don't forget you can repurpose items to another room, or store them to bring back out when the time is right.  Sometimes it's hard to find the item you're looking for so if you see something that strikes your eye - buy it with the idea that items can be shifted and moved when the mood strikes!


Here are some other interior spaces we love that maintain a classic look and are ready to shift with the trends and seasons.  

From warm fall colors to bright and airy spring with a touch of contemporary. 

From a white and green bright color palette to a burgundy, grey and black color scheme with a hint of drama.